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Niquella Hardwick is a Denver based Realtor.

Tips for Buying a Home During a Recession
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Tips for Buying a Home During a Recession

When the economy stalls and enters into a recession, almost every aspect of society is affected. This is especially true of the housing market, which can be a bit unpredictable even during the best of times. There are some very good reasons to buy during a recession, however, that can help you grab a great deal. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you search for that perfect space.

Speak to a Real Estate Agent

The first thing you should do when buying a home at any time, but especially during a recession, is seek out an experienced real estate agent. They will understand how to shop for your property given your preferred market, your budget, your income, and any and all advantages you might have by shopping now.

Don’t Take on More Than You Can Handle

Mortgage rates are generally quite good during a recession, and many people are enticed by the low rates. It’s important that keep your budget in mind, however, and avoid buying more simply because you’re able to secure more. Think of the worst-case financial scenario and buy what you believe you could reasonably afford were that to occur.

Take Advantage of Negotiating Power

During a recession, home prices tend to drop, and you might very well find yourself with bargaining power that typically favors sellers. Under the advice of your real estate agent, don’t be afraid to ask for concessions and add-ons to make the deal a bit sweeter.

Pad Your Savings Account

Finally, make sure that you’re confident you could handle bills even if you unexpectedly found yourself out of work for a while. Jobs can be unstable during the recession, and you’ll want to make sure that if the worst happens, you have enough to get you through a few mortgage payments while you figure out your next move.

Are you ready to start house hunting? Reach out to an experienced real estate agent today!

Niquella Hardwick is a Denver based Realtor

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