Niquella Hardwick

Niquella Hardwick is a Denver based Realtor.


About Me

Niquella Hardwick is a 3rd generation resident of Denver, Colorado. Niquella's dedication to the Denver area community originated during childhood, instilled from a family dedicated to serving Denver, and extends to her present life and her children who hold the same love of community.

More About Me

Niquella has been fortunate enough to have realized the rewards of working hard and devoting time to my business and remain in the Top Tier of all Denver Realtors. Niquella is known locally as one of the pioneers of marketing for home seller's using technology that most Realtors still do not employ even today! Niquella accomplished a Nationally recognized name in the real estate industry by networking with the best Realtors and affiliates in the business. Niquella's activism in the Realtor community is made of some of the finest business minds in the State. Niquella maintains her success by combining personal marketing experience, research and the latest in technology, and intricately designed, individually targeted, service oriented tools for buyers and sellers. Niquella possesses market knowledge in every price range, geographic area and type of real estate that will ensure that her customers make smart real estate investment decisions. "Paying it Forward" is Niquella's motto, one she exhibits daily. The United States of America is her country, and those who defend freedom are her heroes. Niquella offers special discounts to Veteran home buyers and sellers.

Work Experience

  • Agent Housix Real Estate, Denver, CO
  • Multiple Committee Chair positions held at Colorado Realtors including Strategic Planning, Professional Development, Business Trends and Technology, 
  • 2009 REALTOR OF THE YEAR Nominee
  • Closed Sales of over $95 Million
  • Organizer, Real Estate BarCamp at Colorado Realtors Conference 2010-2013
  • 2002-2006  Realtor, Fine Home Specialist, E-certification, Phifer and Russell Real Estate, Inc.
  • TBR, Titanium Producer Top 5%, Gold Producer, Top 10%


Niquella Hardwick

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